Obviously, the more stretched and extensive an industry is, the more demands are required to be fulfilled, among which procurement of equipment, transportation of products, and engineering is bold to mention. Hence, it takes a significant deal of expertise and knowledge alongside with extreme attention to accomplish, to meet the essentials in order to avoid further waste of cost and time caused by even a minor irresponsibility in taking care of the process. Therefore, an expert and experienced platform with responsible staff is the only way to assure the perfection, efficiency and peace of mind. Although, there might be providers for these necessities that hiring them can be of dramatic risk if not exorbitant.

Oil & Gas




renewable energies

What we do in 3G is essentially international equipment trading and services concerning variable industries that we are expert in, which are steel and metallurgy industry, cement and oil & gas industry.

Any of the above mentioned industries require industrial equipment, trading, engineering, services, professional consultancy, etc., which we are ready to offer in a professional and efficient way. Thus, 3G is a promise for professional services and quality products.

Steel and metallurgy is an upstream industry for other well-known industries like automotive of which requirements are important to be supplied and delivered seamlessly. As a result of not deploying novel and advanced technology and quality services, or presence of nonprofessional companies, serious damages which are impossible to compensate might occur to equipment and it is where 3G plays its critical role. Yet, market value of products can be undeniably increased by updating the knowledge and applying advanced equipment appropriately investigated. A noticeable part of this process after specialized product research, is shipping which 3G handles perfectly by deploying quality services of the underlying reference.

No company jeopardize their reputation to spend time and money on equipment that costs a fortune but does not bring a full satisfaction of operation in return. So, why not trusting a reputable company to maximize the stability and efficiency of products and services for a reasonable lifetime? 3G offers the criteria initially in sourcing and then procurement and finally shipping to the final destination. Equipment 3G normally deal with in this industry are screens, feeders, washing systems, crushing plants, major equipment for mineral processing plants, and pelletizing plants.

An extra attention has to be paid to cement industry which plays a significant role in supplement cycle of construction industry or civil phase of almost any other industry. While cement industry covers construction field, many more clients of companies from other sectors are eager to be supplied with somehow similar equipment likewise.

Since procurement & purchasing is of a great concern for the managers in businesses, 3G overcomes the quality concern by providing technically screened equipment, well shipped and transited from quality confirmed brands worldwide. Regarding procurement and purchasing, we are here for you through the process of researching, planning and service sourcing as well as raising orders and managing purchases, up to guaranteed shipping and final local transit to the client site.

Startup and commissioning is a requirement for a faultless delivery of products as well. 3G drew this need to a final point by offering erection and maintenance services to ensure the unique if not the best performance for your system.

Oil and gas industry is the one which straightly deals with new equipment and providing the best services to it is critical as a defect in the process will be devastating; therefore, equipment sourcing must be under a detailed and precise supervision to avoid any deficiency which may even endanger life of many people engaged in the plants. Supply is one thing and after sales services is another. You may also order sensitive and complex equipment and parts from 3G, free of concern.

In addition, 3G monitors and observes industry to come up with a solution to its necessities by collecting the best brands working on spare parts, wear parts, and major equipment. As noted, our company can proudly offer you a variety of services and industrial equipment with a reasonable price. 3G also is in deep connection with a collection of brands, having applied a non-comparable attention and research by knowledgeable specialists and professionals to obtain your trust and brings you peace of mind.



Sunlight is in our hands to provide pure Energy

3G, a renewable energy project developer,identifies, develops, and finances viable renewable energy projects. We believe that investment in the renewable energy sector will advance innovation and technologies as well as lowering costs of non-renewable energies, which will continue to make green energy projects more viable in the future. This is our mission to realize our social responsibility through institutionalizing the culture of using clean, inexpensive, and eco-friendly energies worldwide

Solutions :

  •   Commercial and utility solution
  •   Off-grid energy storage solution
  •   Residential energy solution


1. SUNA Solar inverter

Like Solar panels, solar inverters or solar power inverters play a similarly significant role in a solar system through converting the electricity created by solar panels into a form used by electronics. We present our 3 types of solar inverters Micro inverter String inverters Central inverters

Advantages of our Inverters


2. Monitoring

Our  photovoltaic inverter embodies an intelligent Operating System accessible from any digital device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone) via a wired or a wireless connection. The Imeon OS is responsible for oversight of the energy management, as well as for communication with peripheral devices such as the Smart Meter or lithium batteries, intelligently driving your autonomous home installation.




3G can provide any type of solar systems, any brand, any time, any where

Trust us; we use trusted high-tech from trusted supplier, manufacturers, and contractors

To have the newest science and technologies, we have established relationships with the large sector of renewable energies so we are ready to give you whatever needed for having a modern, trusted, and cost-effective renewable energy source.

We provide site selection, development & design, finance, construction, installation, maintenance, and insurance services to whomever need a future-based energy.

After the inspection and test process that we provide you will be ensured that your project is fully operational and ready to produce energy.A final energy-expert inspection is also granted to complete the process.

To discuss this opportunity, contact us right now.

Providing Solutions

We support the unique requirements of our customers

3G, as a solution provider, understands your point of view, identifies the issue, finds a solution, fixes it, and follows up on the solution to acquire your maximum satisfaction

Delivering high-value and novel solutions, we can help you to save time and money, experience new ideas, and become the victorious one